Working Papers

Real estate development and infrastructure investment under asymmetric information and functional dependence
(with Kanak Patel)
Presentations: Cambridge Finance, Annual Cambridge-Princeton Exchange, Rome (ROC-2010)
The costs of vertical disintegration
Bubbles in open economies: Theory and empirical detection
(with Henri Buchsteiner)
[abstract] [SSRN:1787069]
Presentations: Warwick (Woxbridge-2011), London (TADC-LBS-2011), Amsterdam (Annual Cambridge, DSF-TI & Penn Seminar)
Awards: Woxbridge-2011 Best Paper Award, Cambridge Finance Best Paper Award 2011
Real investment and equilibrium credit rationing
(with Kanak Patel)
Reservation rate, risk and equilibrium credit rationing
(with Kanak Patel)
[abstract] [PDF]
Real options approach to valuation of the 'voluntary targets' proposal
[abstract] [SSRN:1118474]
Awards: Forum pour l'Investissement Responsable (French SIF) research grant winner, 2008. [Le Monde Economie, 21/1/2008]

Published Papers

Renewable energy investment and the Clean Development Mechanism
Energy Poliy 40, 81-89, 2012.
[abstract] [slides] [journal] [SSRN:1581724]
Schumpeter on Queen Elizabeth's stockings and the co-evolutionary nature of innovation
(with Kanak Patel) Homo Oeconomicus 21(1/2), 69-88, 2010.
[abstract] [journal] [SSRN:1527212]
Outlook and regulation of the Russian market for project-based transactions under the Kyoto Protocol
Problems of Economic Transition 52(1), 76-94, 2009.
[abstract] [journal]
Mean-reversion in REITs discount to NAV & risk premium
(with Kanak Patel and Ricardo Pereira) Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 39(3), 229-247, 2009.
[abstract] [journal]